IDG Capital Vietnam Blockchain Launching Event - Future Forward


04 Oct 2023. 02:56 PM


District 1, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Crypto Mondays Saigon


Crypto Monday is a Meetup for people who are passionate about crypto, want to talk about Crypto, learn about Crypto, find jobs in Crypto, hire people in Crypto, and who want to leverage Crypto to make the world a better place. While CryptoMondays NYC was the first CryptoMondays, this event has chapters in over 40 cities around the world (Saigon, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Paris, London, Miami, San Juan, Singapore, San Francisco, Zurich, Denver, Istanbul,...).



On November 28th 2022, Crypto Monday was officially held in Sai Gon, Vietnam by BlockX and Umbala. The event offered the chances for builders to have a 5-minute fundraising speed dating with the top venture capital funds in Vietnam and Asia. CryptoMondays Saigon had received 100+ registration forms from builders, however, only the top 30 potential builders will receive Featured Builder Invitation and the top 5 best out of 30 Builders can attend a Private Dinner with our top Global VCs, Key Partners, and Talent Builders.


In the CryptoMondays Saigon eventMr. Nathan Hoang – a General Partner of IDG Capital Vietnam Blockchain, had joined as a Feature Speaker. During the speech, he shared valuable experience for Builders to raise fund as well as illustrating how founders can improve theirbusiness models.



There were three rounds in the event, including (1) fireside chat with global crypto funds; (2) 5 minutes of speed dating, and (3) open networking. During Speed ​​Dating in particular, each Builder will have 12 Rounds with each Round lasting 5 minutes. After the clock signals the time is up, the Builder will quickly switch seats to 'dating' with another VC.